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Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Pictures


Kade played himself to sleep the other morning, thought this was a cute picture.


My little towel monster! ROAR!


Kade's Halloween shirt and the baby legs I made for him...I just think he is too cute!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finally some pictures!!


Me and Lance with the newest Niece - Aniston.


Me and Lance with Nephew Chance and Nieces Cami and Aniston.


Kade's first 2 teeth! Not a good picture at all - it was snapped in the truck on the way to Kansas.


Kade's Homecoming shirt and garter. I had the shirt custom made for $9 at a local shop!! Made the RIDICULOUSLY HUGH garter myself - at least it will fit him for the next 5 years...:)


Me and Kade at Homecoming - it was a very cool and rainy evening.


Me and Kade with our friend Sarah and her daughter at Homecoming.


After Homecoming - he wanted to EAT his garter - and DID get a hold of one of the ribbons...WHOOPS!


After Homecoming - Baby Kade was SO sleepy and missed his daddy! :)

Kade and his friend Cooper - They love to play together!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Leaving my baby...

Today I am starting orientation for my new job. It goes from 9-1 0r 2. I have never left Kade with anyone other than Lance, and that was only for about an hour. I know he is in good safe hands, but it is so sad to be away from him for that long. :( I have all of his stuff packed up and ready to go, but there are all of these worries in the back of my mind: What if I didn't pump enough milk for him, What if he poops for the first time in 2 days this morning while he is with Stevie? Is she going to let him come back tomorrow if he does? (Because if he does poop today, it is going to be disgusting! :)) What if he realizes I am not there and cries?? My number one concern is about the whole did I get enough breast milk for him? I rarely ever pump, since I am always with him, and when I do, it is usually just a few ounces to get him through an hour long service at church. Today is going to be a mess, I know the rest of the week I will be fine, so God just help me through today!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Videos Galore - Part I

I have a ton of videos I am finally going thru and getting on here, I am going to just make one blog, with a bunch of pictures and will explain a little for each one as I go along.
So here we go:

Kade is so interested with Dierk. Any time that dog runs through the room or jumps up on the couch, Kade is following him. He wants to play with him so badly, but just can't do it yet. Sometimes when I am holding Kade, I will let Dierk jump up in my lap too, and Kade gets pretty excited and starts petting him. We are TRYING to keep him gentle with Dierk, but seriously...what can you do at this age. Kade will grab hold of Dierks hair/skin and hold on tight! Dierk is pretty good about it though, I am glad.

First of all I am sorry about the crying, it was so sad to listen to him cry, but I knew I could only catch it on video if I snuck in and didn't make a sound...
Kade has been turning over when he wakes up now for a couple weeks (this video was taken August 6th, and he already been turning over when he woke up for a couple of weeks). He was only turning over if he got stuck against the side or end of his crib and couldn't move anymore, but this time, he was out in the open and was working so hard to get onto his back.
(I love how it looks like he is wagging his little cow tail)

Here's another attempt...almost there baby love - keep trying!

I took the videos at two different times. After videoing him for about two minutes the first time, I couldn't stand to see him cry for me any longer, so I scooped him up. He just wanted to go back to sleep, so I put him back down. I was then talking to Jess on the phone and had to hang up on her because he woke up again about 15 minutes later, and I knew I could catch him in the I ran for my camera and crept into his room again. After about a minute of working at it, he turned over...front to back! I was so happy that I finally got to see him do it.

I am tired and am going to have to post Videos Galore - Part II later - there will be 'scooting'!

I knew there was a reason for it!

I have always hated my chin. It sticks out too far and gives me a horrible profile. But I have found a purpose for this chin - rather Kade has found the purpose.
We were playing one day and he grabbed a hold of mommy's hair and pulled himself to her chin. He then began to bite down...I guess it felt good on those hiding teeth. :)

Kade is a champ at holding up his head. I snapped this one day after one of his naps. I hear this baby talk coming from the bedroom and found him in there just gabbing away at his bedding. It was the sweetest thing.
I love the confused look on his face.

This picture was taken right before he scooted across the blanket to get that owl.
The video of him scooting will come soon.

Cutest little Fred I know

I have seen the 'Baby Legs' for infants and have always thought they were SO sweet on babies, but can not bring myself to spent so much on them. So I found some fun socks that were boyish and made some for Kade. This pair is my favorite.
Unfortunately, Kade did not have a shirt that matched, and I did not want just a plain white onesie - the socks were so cute, they needed a cute shirt too. BUT I have seen these cute onesies with 'baby ties' sewn on, and decided to try it out. This one is just made with one of Lance's retired United T-shirts, it's not the best, but it was PERFECT for his little leg warmers.
Look at that face!! (He had JUST woken up)
The tie is a little out of portion with the baby, it reminds me of Fred Flinstone.
But it is still pretty darn cute if you ask me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Fists

Jess has been asking that I get this video of Kade 'pounding' my fist with his, and I have finally done it, so here you go Jess - Kade and his fist.

I love this video, it was one of the first times that he was laughing hard out loud, not just a little chuckle, but a good hard laugh, I am not sure if I actually caught that on video though.
This video was taken the first week in July - I can not believe how much he has grown since then.